New Type Heavy Duty Tripper Truck/trailer- Conveyor Belt Truck/trailer

- May 13, 2020-

Aiming at the characteristics of poor safety, large limitations, heavy self-weight, poor vehicle stability, easy damage, unreasonable axle load distribution, weak climbing ability, and low degree of automation, traditional dump trucks. Hubei HuiLong Special Vehicle designed and developed a brand new conveyer belt  truck product based on market demand and combined with its own team's 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of dump trucks.

The conveyor belt truck also called walking floor truck, bottom moving truck. The conveyor belt trailer is suitable for bulk material transportation, like the grain, wheat, corn seed, coal, sand, small stone, small clinker, etc.

Sell point

1. The best advantage of the conveyor belt trailer is about safe discharging, no risk of tipping down.

2. The conveyor belt trailer is made by high tensile steel, low tare weight and more loading make more profit for the transporter.

3. Automatic operation by the remote control, less work for he driver.

4. There is monitor screen inside the tractor cabin to monitor the unloading, more safety and control on the discharging.

5. The capacity is from 30CBM to 45CBM, the length and height could be customized.