Precautions When Braking The Car

- Aug 03, 2018-

1. When the car relaxes the accelerator pedal while driving, it is not necessary to put the foot on the brake pedal when it is necessary to perform the foresight action.

2. When the car is driving on narrow roads, rain, snow, frozen or muddy roads, emergency braking should not be used. When crossing the railway mouth, bridges, wading roads and one side of the wheels on smooth roads such as mud and ice, try to avoid using brakes. To prevent the vehicle from suddenly turning off.

3. After the car passes through the wading section, it should continuously step on the brake pedal several times to eliminate the moisture on the brake shoe and make the brake recover well.

4. Before the car goes down the long slope, it should be replaced by the low gear. The traction resistance of the engine is used to control the speed of the vehicle. With the foot brake as the supplement, it must not be slipped.

5. When using the hand brake as the auxiliary brake, the hand brake cannot be pulled to the end. The correct method is to combine the pull and the loose. In any case, the hand brake should be tightened when parking, especially on the slope. It should be noticed, and should not cause accidents due to negligence.