Products For Preventing Fatigue Driving At Home And Abroad:

- Mar 23, 2020-

fatigue driving

1. Wearing an ear alarm, the driver is generally unwilling to hang on the ear. The function is very simple. If you lower your head, you will report the alarm. If you doze off, you may not bow your head.

2. Drink coffee or spray stimulants into your mouth. This only has a short-term effect, and once the time has passed, people are more tired. If you use it continuously for one month, it will no longer have any effect on you.

3. Watch type and glasses type. Watch type uses pulse beats to estimate whether people are tired. There is no authoritative scientific basis and cannot solve the problem of falling asleep suddenly. Glasses type is to force a pair of heavy glasses to judge blinking. Frequency, basically many people are not used to it, in fact, the blink frequency is not directly related to fatigue.

4. The steering wheel is touch-sensitive. The sensor is installed on the steering wheel to sense whether the driver is holding the steering wheel. This is not directly related to fatigue. Some people are asleep. It is difficult for you to remove things from his hand, etc. It is estimated that the alarm has already been hung up when it is relaxed. It is far-fetched, and the installation of sensors will make the steering wheel operation inconvenient.

5. The lane departure alarm system is technically easy to implement, but is not suitable for road conditions in China, and there will be false positives when overtaking, being overtaken, paralleling, and pressing. There are many false positives when people should report the alarm at a critical moment No longer sensitive.

6.Fatigue driving early warning system, a driving assistance early warning system based on machine vision technology, can detect the driver's fatigue and distracted state in real time, and provide alarm information.