The Difference Between Semi-trailer And Full Trailer

- Aug 03, 2018-

What is the difference between a semi trailer and a full trailer?

The semi trailer take part of the weight, normally 70% of the trailer tare weight and loaded cargo weight, while the articulated tractor take the other 30%.

The axles of the semi trailer are all on rear part of the trailer.

The semi trailer could not support and stand by the tyres and axles. It also rely on the landing lef in front of the trailer

The connection between the semi trailer and the tractor is the kingpin.

Therer are many types of semi trailers with different functions, like flatbed trailer, lowbed trailer, cargo trailer, log trailer etc.

The semi trailer are widely used in logistic area for long distance transport.

The full trailer take the full weight of itself and the loaded cargos.

The is axle on front part of the trailer and the rear part of the trailer.

The full trailer could stand and bear the weight by itself.

The front tractor or truck only provides the power of traction and steering.

The connection between the full trailer and the front tractor is the hook.

The full trailer is normally used in factories, ports, terminals, warehoused etc for short distance transport.

semi trailer

full trailer