The Domestic Trailer Market Is Stabilizing

- May 06, 2020-

According to the provisions of GB7258-2017, from January 1, 2020, three-axle barns, railing semi-trailers and other models require the mandatory installation of air suspension and disc brakes. As the new coronary pneumonia epidemic swept across the country and the world in January, the entire economic environment has also become less optimistic. Policies and regulations and the overall economic environment have undergone tremendous changes. Many people cannot see the trend of the domestic semi-trailer market this year under the dual factors.

Judging from the current production and sales situation in various regions, the current domestic semi-trailer market is not significantly affected by the epidemic. On the contrary, GB7258-2017 has driven the market demand for ordinary three-axle warehouse trucks to a certain extent. The peak sales of semi-trailers may be extended to July, but the total demand for warehouse semi-trailers will decline.

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