The Truck And Parts Industry Is Gradually Returning To Work.

- Mar 21, 2020-

truck industry

At present, many parts and components enterprises in Hubei Province are in a state of waiting for approval for resumption of work or have already resumed work. In Hubei, Wuhan, Xiangyang, Shiyan, Suizhou and other places are important clusters of vehicle and parts industries, and also an important support for the automobile industry in the province. Therefore, many major cargo owners in the logistics industry come from these vehicle or component companies. The reporter learned that, subject to the constraints of the production capacity of parts and components companies in the province and the restrictions on resuming production and production in Hubei Province, the downstream logistics industry, which is closely related to parts and components companies, also expects the parts and components companies to resume production.

Under the epidemic situation, more OEMs gave Hubei related component suppliers understanding and support. It is understood that, in light of the outbreak of Hubei auto parts suppliers generally faced with tight cash flow, insufficient materials and personnel, Foton Motor has successively adopted measures including Hubei suppliers to pay more than 350 million yuan in advance. Whether it is the logistics industry that closely cooperates with component companies, or the downstream related vehicle companies with a more prominent zero-coordinated relationship, it can be said that under the epidemic, the entire automotive industry chain is cold and warm with Hubei Province.