Truck Drivers Must Guard Against Dust And Crosswinds During Spring.

- Mar 23, 2020-

Truck drivers

Although the wind in spring is gentle, it is not uncommon to raise the sand and dust, especially in the dry areas such as the north. At this time, the card friends should be refreshed. It is very dangerous to cover their eyes when driving. If the visibility of sand and dust is low during driving, you need to turn on the vehicle's headlights and emergency lights, reduce the speed, and look around the road. Pay attention to some pedestrians who are blinded by the wind and sand. Those who transport the muck must pay attention to the scattered stones to avoid accidental injury. After a trip in such weather, check the condition of the vehicle and pay attention to the wear and tear of some parts. And the dust is not easy to detect, but it will not cause small damage to the vehicle in the long term. For example, it is attached to the air filter, which affects the air intake of the engine and reduces the life of the engine. The engine is damaged, so don't underestimate the dust.

The best way to face the crosswind is to prevent it. When you reach such a section or see a crosswind traffic sign, you can reduce the speed far in advance. If you suddenly encounter a crosswind on the way and feel that the body is flying, you should not panic at this time. Once panic, you will deviate from the lane and rush to the roadside fence or the central barrier. The correct way is to reduce the vehicle speed, hold the steering wheel tightly, and when the vehicle is found to be offset, you should turn the steering wheel slightly to correct it. Remember not to hit the steering wheel and step on the brakes.