What Advantages Does An Airbag Suspension Have Over A Steel Plate Suspension?

- Mar 21, 2020-

steel plate suspension

At present, in truck suspension systems, steel plate suspension and airbag suspension are mostly used, and steel plate suspension accounts for the majority. However, according to the requirements of GB7258, starting from January 1, 2020, the newly-produced and licensed three-axle railings and barn trailers must be equipped with airbag suspension and disc brakes. So, what advantages does an airbag suspension have over a steel plate suspension?

Advantage one: good comfort and strong shock absorption effect. The airbag suspension uses compressed air to achieve a soft connection. Can alleviate most of the impact from the road and reduce bumps. Not only is the driving experience comfortable, but also the protection of the cargo is very powerful, especially high value-added items, to avoid damage caused by bumps.

Advantage two: The height of the airbag is adjustable, which is convenient for dumping and transportation and platform loading and unloading. By adjusting the height of the airbag suspension, it can be quickly removed and hung. Therefore, more and more logistics companies adopting the drop-and-hang model now begin to use airbag suspension trucks in order to improve transportation efficiency. In addition, when vehicles are docked at different height platforms, the height of the chassis can also be adjusted to be consistent with the height of the loading and unloading platform.

Advantage three: Lighter weight and weight reduction. At this stage, policies and regulations are tightened, legal and compliant standardized transportation can go further, and lightweight has become a key point. Compared with traditional steel plates, one of the biggest advantages of airbag suspension is its light weight. The most direct benefits are increased deadweight and reduced fuel consumption.

Advantage 4: Protect the chassis components and reduce tire wear. The excellent shock absorption effect of the airbag suspension relieves the direct impact on the chassis from the road surface and plays a certain role in protecting the components. At the same time, thanks to the "soft" nature of the airbag suspension. When driving on non-paved roads, tires do not shake up and down greatly like steel plate suspensions, and strongly collide with the road. Instead, they run better on the road and reduce wear.

It can be seen from Europe and the United States that airbag suspension is almost standard for road transport, and even ordinary light trucks are equipped with this configuration. Although steel plate suspension is currently the most widely used suspension system in domestic trucks. However, from the perspective of the long-term development of the industry, the technology of commercial vehicles is changing with each passing day, and the airbag suspension system will also be continuously upgraded with wider application.