What If The Distance Between The Car And The Car Is Too Long?

- Mar 23, 2020-

distance between the car and the car

On this issue, some researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada did a research in 1999. In the experiment, they compared two kinds of cars, one was changing lanes frequently, the other was driving around, and the other was following the car honestly.

In the end, the study concluded that changing lanes back and forth will not make you reach your destination faster, but will increase the potential for accidents. The main reason is that when driving on a congested road, you will feel that the other road will be faster, but the fact is an illusion. Why is it necessary to increase the safety hazard for a little speed?

Like many drivers opinions, a good driver should have four major elements, skilled mechanical operation, correct understanding and implementation of traffic regulations, and the learning of predictive driving. The most important thing is to have a good attitude --- cautious And tolerance. Engaging in the freight industry is a profession with a high risk factor. Why are you a professional driver competing with amateurs?

Arriving safely is more important than arriving on time! Safe driving is not really a matter for us, it is a matter for everyone involved in the transportation. We hope that everyone will actively forward and work together to improve the safety of road transportation and make our trips safer.