What Is The Reason For The Increase In Fuel Consumption Of Semi-trailers?

- Aug 03, 2018-

The horsepower of the semi-trailer head is different in fuel consumption. Different semi-trailer brands have different engines and different fuel consumption. The cargo load is also related to fuel consumption. The heavier the weight, the more fuel consumption, but if the fuel consumption is abnormal. If you increase, you should check your reasons.

1, tire pressure problems. It is necessary to check the tire pressure of the semi-trailer regularly to see if it meets the air pressure standard. Generally speaking, the tire pressure is insufficient and the fuel consumption will increase.

2, tire wear. Regularly check the wear and tear of the semi-trailer tires. If the semi-trailer tires are seriously worn, it will often slip and increase the fuel consumption.

3. Check the bearings and brake system. It is necessary to regularly check whether the semi-trailer bearing and brake system are faulty. If the wheel does not rotate properly, it will affect the speed of the vehicle and increase the fuel consumption.