Wrecker Tow Truck

- Jun 19, 2020-

The wrecker truck is called road wrecker truck, also known as road rescue vehicle. It is mainly composed of chassis, lifting device, lifting traction device, hydraulic system, electric control system, etc. It has many items such as lifting, pulling and lifting traction vehicles. It is suitable for the clearing operation of various roads such as highways and urban roads. According to the structure of the clearing truck, it can be divided into hauling, loading, lifting and rescue (single arm and double arm) type of clearing truck. 

Suizhou is the main birthplace and main production base of special vehicles in China, such as, Hubei Huilong Special Vehicle. The quality of the upper body of the wrecker truck has a great influence on the performance of the vehicle. The welding quality should meet the requirements of JB/T 5943, and the connection of various parts should be correct and reliable.

The support arm should be stable, accurate, free from crawling, tremor or impact during the expansion, lifting, tilting and folding. It must not interfere with other components during the movement. When lifting the maximum lifting mass, the vertical centerline of the hook should be cleared. The distance of the most edge of the car is not less than 500mm.

During the lifting operation, it should be ensured that the load does not slide when it continues to lift after being parked in the air. Overload 25%, the load sinking after staying 30mm is not more than 20mm, the hydraulic system does not allow leakage, rupture, local expansion and joint disconnection. The wiring should be neat, reasonable, fixed and reliable, and easy to maintain.