Sinotruk 6X4 HOWO Oil Tanker Truck Fuel Tank Truck

Sinotruk 6X4 HOWO Oil Tanker Truck Fuel Tank Truck

Application of the SINOTRUK 6X4 fuel tank truck The oil tank truck/ fuel truck is mainly assembled by type Ⅱ vehicle chassis, oil tank, piping system and avoiding electrical devices and other components, specially for cars or other vehicles, container and oil depot transporting...
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Application of the SINOTRUK 6X4 fuel tank truck
The oil tank truck/ fuel truck is mainly assembled by type Ⅱ vehicle chassis, oil tank, piping system and avoiding electrical devices and other components, specially for cars or other vehicles, container and oil depot transporting and adding gasoline, kerosene, diesel or other liquid raw materials.

Description of the SINOTRUK 6X4 fuel tank truck
The SINOTRUK 6X4 fuel tank truck chassis is HOWO series 4x2 truck. The tank is 16000L capacity which is designed in oval shape. This oval shape fuel tank truck has the lowest central gravity which improves the truck stability. There is foldable type ladder and hand rill. The walking way on top of the tank is anti-slip type. There is side reflector on the tank outside. All these details are improved the safety standard of the fuel tank truk.


Selling point of the SINOTRUK 6X4 fuel tank truck
1.Heavy duty truck chassis, SINOTRUK brand, durable quality.
2.Low central gravity, more stable.


Main Dimension


Tare weight


Truck chassis

Chassis brand


Driving mode




Max driving speed


Engine horse power

336HP, WD615 series engine, 4-stroke direct injection,
6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooling


HW19710, 10 speed forward, 2 speed reverse

Front axle


Rear axle


Fuel tank

300L, aluminum fuel tank


12R22.5 tubeless tyre, 13pcs

Fabrication part

Tank body

15000L, by carbon steel Q235

Tank parts

Aluminum alloy manhole cover
Aluminum alloy discharge valve, PEROLO type
Aluminum alloy bottom valve


Usage and maintenance
1, Due to the tank between ontology and girders car cushion rubber mat, within the tank after reloading the u-shaped bolt looseness happens due to deformation of the rubber, so after commissioning overloading the U bolt to tighten, especially when using must be tightened
2, In order to ensure the oil tank cleaning, tank and oil system should be cleaned regularly, inside and outside the joint often should grease on both ends of the oil hose, easily when disassembling, tubing, after using to mount on both ends of the connector
3, Ball valve through the medium shoulds not be too dirty, in order to protect the instructions for inspection and maintenance. sealing ring, improve the service life of ball valve, the valve should not be under a state of half off work for a long time, otherwise easy to make bad sealing ring, in drivin
4, Into the pump tee filter should be often unpick and wash, in case of oil residue jams mesh impact traffic
5, Should maintain the cleanness of the respiration valve, make the respiration valve is in working status, spring may not arbitrarily change in the valve, lest affect the effect of breathing valve deflated. When breathing valve closed, cause the deformation
6, In order to prevent fire accident to block, on the exhaust pipe, silencer is damaged, pipeline leak, conducting electrostatic clip, are not allowed to damage or fracture and tapping oil vehicles parts, metal items, lest produce Mars block must be ready to
7, If tank sedimentation tank under freezing and may not be roasted in the fire, can use hot steam melt or pulls into thaw in the greenhouse
8, Cases of unsymmetry must make before driving force
9, Oil vehicles driving, the rear of the electrostatic belt must take to replace damaged in a timely manner.
10, A tanker truck operation before, should check whether the oil pipeline system, ground wire is disconnected, the exhaust pipe is damaged, found that the problem should be resolved first homework again
11, Hit oiling car parts are not allowed to use metal, lest produce Mars, homework should be careful not to produce Mars, oil should be in accordance with the relevant provisions
12, When you enter a loading oil tank to check, the outside of the tank must be watched. Must be in accordance with the relevant industry operating procedures, make sure the personal property safety
13,  In winter, if there is water in the self-priming pump must put all the water, to prevent frostbite to break the pump body


Delivery of the fuel tank truck

Our extensive global network of manufacturing facilities gives us significant scale and the flexibility to fulfill our customer requirements for Sinotruk 6X4 HOWO Oil Tanker Truck Fuel Tank Truck. We are steadfast in our culture of diversity and are committed to attracting, developing and retaining highly skilled people. We are committed to product development and innovation with our rich professional technology and continuous pioneering and innovative spirit, and create high-quality products with our own professional expertise.


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