47.5cbm Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer

1. Total Mass(Kg): 40000
2. ABS Manufacturer: WABCO
3. Tank Capacity(m3): 47.5
4. Material Type: Aluminium Alloy
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Product Details

47.5cbm Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer

Application of the 47.5cbm Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer

Aluminum fuel tank trailer is one of the main types of tankers. The important application is the transfer of liquid oil between different zones and the mobile refueling for motor vehicles. The scope of delivery is very long: oil deposit→container station→refinery→storehouse of oil companies→end user(factory, gas station).

Advantages of the 47.5cbm Aluminum Fuel Tank Trailer

Extra Load

Characteristics of aluminium alloy make the fuel tank trailer lighter. The valid load is increased by reducing the weight. The traffic volume is 18%-35% higher than carbon steel every time.

Non-corrosive Tank

With the stable chemical properties, the corrosion resistance of aluminium alloy decreases maintenance costs. The exterior of aluminum fuel tank trailer is fine-looking and requires no painting. The cleanout is also simple.

Long Attendance

Excellent features of aluminium alloy keep the long attendance of the oil tank trailer. The old aluminium alloy tank with better maintenance can be still installed on the new chassis. The tank is recyclable after scrapping. The general working life is between 15-20 years.


Key Parameters

Total   Mass(Kg)


Rated   Load(Kg)

33600,   33200

Outline   Dimension(mm)


Curb Weight(Kg)

6400,   6800

Running Gear


3;  BPW/FUWA; 13T/15T/16T



Landing   Gear

JOST,   28T


JOST, 90#/50#

ABS Manufacturer


Tyre  Type / Amount

12R22.5-12PR, 11.00R20-12PR;  x 12pcs

Tank Part

Loading   Source

petrol,  kerosene, diesel oil, crude oil etc.

Tank Capacity(m3)




Material   Type

Aluminium   Alloy




Oil  and Gas Recovery

Aluminium Alloy Components (AL5083/AL5454)

Manhole   Cover

Cover  with European standard

Discharge  Valve

Emergency  shutdown valve / Ball Valve

Optional Device

Suspended   Tech

Air Suspension

Rubber  Mud Guard

Optional  Type

Climbing  Equipment

Front  Ladder


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