DAFC 12cbm Fecal Suction Truck

A common material to be transport is septage (or more broadly: fecal sludge) which is human excreta mixed with water, e.g. from septic tanks and pit latrines). They also transport sewage sludge, industrial liquids, or slurries from animal waste from livestock facilities with pens. Vacuum trucks can be equipped with a high pressure pump if they are used to clean out sewers from sand.Welcome to contact with us!
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DAFC 12cbm fecal suction truck

Fecal suction truck is also a type of vacuum tank truck. 

It is used to suck and clean the septic tank, public toilet, sewage tunnel etc. 

Together with the water spinkler truck, garbage truck and the fecal sucker truck are the very important special vehicles for modernized city management. 

The fecal sucker truck is consisted of the truck chassis, tank body and vacuum suction system.

The vacuum suction system is consisted of the vacuume pump, water-oil separator, pressure gauge, pipes, safety valve, view window etc.

Compare with the sewage suction truck, the fecal sucker truck does not have the rear gate.

It mainly used for faecal sewage. For the mud mixed with small stone and sand, it's better to have a sewage suction truck.



Main Dimension


Tare weight


Truck chassis

Chassis brand


Driving mode




Max driving speed


Engine horse power

290HP, WD615 series engine, 4-stroke direct injection,
6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooling


HW19710, 10 speed forward, 2 speed reverse

Front axle


Rear axle


Fuel tank

300L, aluminum fuel tank


12R22.5 tubeless tyre, 13pcs

Fabrication part

Tank body

12000L, by carbon steel Q235

Tank parts

 Vacuum pump, manhole cover, suction pipe


Special maintenance about the vacuum suction truck
1.Pls do not total full fill the vacuum tank to avoid the sewage, fecal into the vacuum pump.
2.Pls do not keep the vacuum pump working long time without stop.
3.Pls do not press the accelerator while working.



shipment by roro or bulk


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