Water Bowser Truck

1. Chassis Supplier: Dongfeng
2. Driving Mode: 4X2
3. Max. Speed(Km/h): 99
4. Tank Type: Carbon Steel
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Product Details

Water Bowser Truck

Application of the Water Bowser Truck

The general structure of water bowser truck covers water tank, transmission system, water system, gas system, operating platform and side footboard. Water transport is the basic loading application. The rated volume depends on the dimension of the tank. The water is transferred during the drought. The sprinkling function is applied in road cleaning and landscaping.

Advantages of the Water Bowser Truck

Miscellaneous Water Tank

The water tank is made by automatic production line. Carbon steel is often used. 304 stainless steel is available for the specific demand. The tank capacity varies between 4-15 cbm.

Advanced Pump

The pump is designed with the vacuum priming structure. The impeller rotates after the startup of the pump. The entrance of the impeller forms negative pressure. The gas in the pipeline mixes with the liquid in the pump and enters into the gas-liquid separator by discharge chamber. Due to the specific gravity difference, gas is separated from the liquid and is exhausted from the outlet pipe. After multiple recycle, the self-priming process ends until the liquid is completed filled without any gas. Then the normal infusion begins. The water resource comes from pool or the fire hydrant in the urban street.


Truck   Chassis

Chassis Supplier


Driving Mode


GVW / Curb Weight(Kg)

7360 / 3250

Physical Dimension(mm)



3308, 2800

Max. Speed(Km/h)


Tyre Spec



Five shifts

Front/Rear Axle


Braking Type

Pneumatic Braking

Fabrication   Part

Tank Body / Material

Water Tank / Carbon Steel

Sprinkling Width


Pump Head


Pump Capacity

20 m³/h

Tank Parts

One manhole cover

One discharge valve

One set of water sprinkler front

One set of water sprinkler rear

One water pump

One water cannon rear


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