80T 4 Axle Low Bed Semi Trailer

1. Rated Capacity: 80Tons
2. Axle Qty: 4
3. Colour: White
4. Suspension Type: Mechanic Suspension
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Product Details

80T 4 Axle Low Bed Semi Trailer

Application of the 80T 4 Axle Low Bed Semi Trailer

Low bed semi-trailer is named platform trailer as well, which specializes in loading construction machineries. The frame is usually designed with concave beam. The front part of the frame is drop deck (The king pin is coupled with the fifth wheel; the rear end of the drop deck is connected with the frame.) The middle part of the trailer is the platform. The last part is wheel carrier (including tires).

Advantages of the 80T 4 Axle Low Bed Semi Trailer

Elastic Tire

The radial tire with high elasticity is used to improve the loading capability and life length. The damage to cargoes can be alleviated during driving on a bumpy road.

Load Expansion

The 80T capacity leaves room for overload. The safety of strength for vertical beam and frame is generally 2.5, which conforms to standards of GB1589.

Self-balancing Suspension

Dual rotary suspension can automatically adjust the balance and stabilization. Joint parts are made of specialized alloy steel.


Rated Capacity



12T x 4, BPW



Max. Steering Angle

16 degrees




Heavy duty mechanic suspension


Handshake valve;

WABCO emergence relay valve;

30/30 dual air chamber


Q345B carbon steel

King Pin

2 in, bolted connection

Landing Gear

28T, dual speed

Mud Wing

Plastic or iron; shape: semi-circle


Rear Light

Rear Reflector

Turn Indicative Light

Side Reflector

Fog Lamp

Number Plate Light


Tree coats painting

Tool Box

A set of standard trailer tools

Tyre Carrier


Circuit System

1. Voltage: 24v

2. Socket:  Electric Connector 7 Core